Established in the early 1940’s, the Westfield Chess Club is New Jersey’s most prestigious chess club,
with several Grandmasters & NJ State Champions among its alumni.
Address: YMCA building, 220 Clark Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.


Club Policy

By registering tournaments with the Westfield Chess Club, you confirm your consent to the following:

  • Please reset chess board/clock to starting positions and return borrowed pencils to TD desk after game.
  • Prize payments are made through Zelle. Please make sure you have Zelle account.
  • No refund or credit of registration fee shall be provided unless sickness with doctor’s note. Withdrawals need to be made before 8PM the Saturday before the tournament to avoid $20 forfeits/no-shows fee.
  • Starting from May 15th, 2023, anyone who forfeits their games in the middle of the tournament (including first round) will incur a fine of $30 from the club unless it is an emergency per TD discretion.
  • Agree to suspend/ban or charge compensatory/reinstatement fees to those playing with an expired USCF membership.
  • Cell Phones must be turned off and stored away from the board
  • Accessing a cell phone during the game is forbidden
  • If your phone rings during the game:
    • First offense: Half of the offender’s time deducted
    • Second offense: Loss of the game currently in progress. The game will be submitted for rating.
  • Electronic score sheets are allowed with the opponent’s consent. If the opponent objects, a paper notation sheet must be used
  • You can only eat in the second floor lounge and in Room 201. Please don’t use YMCA gym equipment if you are not a YMCA member and please remain on the second floor close to chess area Eating is not allowed in the tournament room.
  • Please return borrow equipment and pencils to TD desk after tournament. We kindly ask borrowers to provide their YMCA IDs when borrowing pencils, and the IDs will be returned upon pencil return.