All start at 12:15 p.m.,
unless otherwise noted.


21 G/50 Octos
28 G/60 Quads


4 G/45 Quads
11 G/50 Quads
18 G/60 Quads
25 $5 Quads (G/40 d5)


8 G/50 Quads
15 Carrelli Memorial
11:30 a
22 G/60 Quads
29 G/45 Quads


6 G/50 Octos
13 Fall Scholastic & G/75
20 G/60 Quads
27 G/45 Quads


3 G/50 Quads
10 G/60 Quads
17 Westfield Grand Prix
24 $5 Quads (G/40 d5)


1 & 8 Club Championship

Tournament details
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Westfield Chess Club
The Westfield Chess Club meets most Sundays, starting at 11:20 a.m., at the YMCA building, 220 Clark Street,
Westfield, NJ 07090. We are USCF-affiliated and run rated tournaments almost every week.

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Westfield CC
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The Westfield Chess Club is primarily a
tournament-running entity.

No lessons or classes are offered.
Opportunities for free, casual play are limited.

You must be a current U.S. Chess
Federation member and pay an entry fee to
play in our tournaments.

If your USCF membership has expired renew it
before coming to the tournament.

All financial transactions are in-person, on
the day of the event. We cannot accept
credit cards. Please, no large
That means no $100s!!

You may pre-register for an event by sending
an email to
with the tournament date, player's name &
USCF ID number. However, you will still have to
check-in during the on-site registration period to
be paired (usually 11:20 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.)

We reserve the right to refuse entry or
impose penalties for expired USCF
memberships, late-arrival, entry
cancellation, silent withdrawals and

Westfield CC members receive discounts
on most entry fees, can play in our annual
club championship & attend our annual
holiday party. Dues are $40 for 12 months
or $20 for 6 months.

The YMCA requires that you sign-in when
entering the building.

To contact us send an email to